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Website design and development

My web design and development services were created to serve the needs of local businesses across the USA.

Website design and development

My web design and development services were created to serve the needs of local businesses across the USA.


Specialized website services

Your website is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.
It needs proper planning, development and maintenance.

Web design

Website design

web development

Web development


WordPress websites

Template and theme website design

Templates and themes

mobile development

Mobile app creation

website maintenance

Website maintenance

Web design and development client portfolio

These are some samples of the work I’ve done in the last few months. If you require a more detailed description, let’s talk. View client portfolio

client web design
client web design
client web design
client web design
client web design

Web development coding languages

The most used web development languages for front-end are HTML, Javascript and CSS.

HTML stands for hyper text markup language and is the first web design language that ever existed. Is still used for front-end development and has evolved to become a versatile and challenging code language, allowing programmers to do all sorts of things with it.

CSS is another web development language that is used to give style to the HTML code, to add colors and shapes and make websites more visually appealing.

Javascript is one of the most popular code languages too, because it allows us to create interactivity and add more functionality to websites. This is done with a lot of different libraries and frameworks, but can also be programmed from scratch.

Front-end development

Front-end development is a combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS that is used to create the visual aspect of websites. This includes creating website layouts with images, text and video elements.

Back-end development

Back-end development is the part of the application where using scripting languages, we control how the web server interacts with a database to display and process information.

web development coding languages

Web design software I use

There are different programs I use depending on the type of project, from writing code to creating amazing pieces of video and animation.

Project management

For project management, I work with online project management and collaboration tools to make sure everyone knows what’s happening every step of the way. Trello allows me to organize all tasks and have a timeline. Github to organize all my code, and Google Drive to store and share project files, create text documents, and spreadsheets.

Wireframes and mockups

To make wireframes and mockups, which is the visual representation of the ideas before getting into code development, I use three tools: Balsamiq, Adobe XD and/or Adobe Illustrator (which is also my preferred choice to work with vector images).


Writing code is an important part of my work and I only use three IDE’s: Visual Studio Code, Atom and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Photo, audio, video and animation

As you probably already know, in web design we also need to create visual assets for the websites, such and photos, audios, animations and videos. I use Photoshop, Audition, Animate, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Blender 3D for this purpose.

How to quote web design service

If you’re a web designer or web developer and are looking how to to create a quote of a website for a client, this is how I do it.

I analyze their requirements and divide the work over the process I follow, this way I can estimate the amount of hours I need to do the job and that way I don’t under-charge or over-charge.
quote website

By dividing the project in phases and allocating hours to each of them, is the most accurate and transparent way to estimate your web development scope and cost.

Web design and development projects typically begin with a one page wireframe that defines the content, basic structure of the site along with a few initial pages. This is a very basic outline of what I see as the most important elements from the client’s point of view. I will provide 3 to 5 low fidelity mockups which include more detailed information of the finalized product.