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What is web design?

Web design or web development is a group of skills that allows a person to build websites. The skills required to do web design are mainly graphic design and coding; but also search engine optimization, UI/UX, and server management.

How can I learn web design?

There are plenty of ways to learn web design, the most common is going to college and getting a degree in graphic design, digital design, multimedia or computer science.

But if you know how to learn on your own, there are plenty of resources online where you can learn the basics and start building a website quickly. The best part is learning on your own is free.

I’m putting together a library of resources for web designers and developers, so you can get started or continue learning about web development on your own.

What are the tools or software packages needed to do web design?

The best part about creating a website nowadays is there are plenty of website builders tools and software packages to create a website.

81 website builders you can use to create a web page today.

If you prefer to do web design in the traditional way, this is, by coding and designing everything on your own, this is a list of programs you can use:


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD


Atom, Visual Studio Code, Aptana

How much does it cost to create a website?

If you’re planning to hire a web designer, or are trying to become a web designer, I’ll give you a few insights about costs.

As we already discussed, there are plenty of options to create a website, and also, plenty of web designers and web developers that offer the service, so you’ll find a wide range of prices for web design services.

Make sure to also check my article Web designer or web design agency, which should I choose? for an insight on costs between these 2 options.

Web design and web development are services that to be provided, only require a good computer, the software or tools,  and a good brain. Depending on the type of website, the complexity and scope, will be the price.

The best web designers and web developers can charge up to $150 USD/hr. Of course this also varies depending on what side of the world you are on.

Web design and web development are complex skills that can be mentally exhausting. To be a good programmer, or to be a great visual designer, hundreds of hours must be involved. It takes practice to become a master and this is why the best ones charge what they charge.

What do I need to get a website running?

Basically you need 3 things: Web hosting, a domain name, and the website. Is good to mention there is a fourth requirement, although many web hosting providers already include the SSL certificate inside the hosting, some others don’t.

Web hosting

Web hosting refers to the storage of the website in a digital space. Think of it as paying rent to live somewhere. As long as you’re paying for the web hosting, your website will be online.

Domain name

Domain name is the group of letters and numbers that end in .com, .net, .org and others, and by which users can access a website.


Is the group of html, css, php, javascript, pictures and other files that make your website. The web designer creates these files when designing your website. When the web designer is done, she/he/they place the files into the web hosting for the website to be accessed online.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Generally speaking, it refers to the same skill or service.

More strictly speaking, web design is done with visual tools such as website web builders, that work with drag and drop interfaces where all the elements just need to be arranged and configured.

Web development can be referred also to the creation of more advanced web applications, that need custom frameworks and technology stacks.

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