Web design and development

Web design with a purpose

We love web design. Is the perfect combination between coding and graphic design.

A new website gives us the opportunity to imagine and explore endless possibilities, to create something beautiful and useful.

A website design consists of photos, text, fonts, graphics, icons, info-graphics, videos and more. What you want to show depends solely on what your goal is. And your goal depends on your clientele.

First we need to identify your ideal clientele, we want to know their needs, what they look for, how they behave, how much time do they have, what do they like, etc. This will work as the foundation from where everything will be built.

We will use the fonts, colors, and shapes that match your clientele profile. The purpose is to make your customers to feel comfortable when they visit your website. We want them to be there as long as possible. We also want them to quickly convince them to contact you or buy from you if there’s a shopping cart.

We create websites that work

We will make your website fast, it will load in no more than five seconds. Longer than that and your customer will click “Back” and probably visit your competition.

We´ll choose a web hosting server that is eficient, secure, and fast. We can also use your web hosting company if you already have one.

Website speed optimization is very important to rank well in search engine results. We design websites optimized to appear in search engine results. After determining what are the keywords that your clients use to search for your services or products, we code those keywords into your website pages, we add them in specific places inside the code that will help the search engines to find them.

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