Search engine optimization (SEO) services

We are an SEO company in San Antonio that provides results

We offer our custom SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service in San Antonio, Texas to local companies.

The result you will obtain from being in the first positions is an increase in traffic, visitors, and sales.

To place your website in first positions, hundreds of small decisions must be made, hundreds of actions and adjustments.

What do we do to optimize the SEO?

Among other things, we make sure your website on and off-site factors are present or configured correctly. These factors are always been updated by the search engines, they’re evolving, to make sure they always present the most relevant information to their users:

  • Keywords, your customers use certain keywords to find your products or services. What are these keywords? Which ones work better, have better ROI (return of investment) Is it better to reduce the amount of keywords or add more? These and other questions need to be answered before you can determine if your SEO strategy is the best.
  • Content. After defining the most important keywords, we make sure they’re present in the content, in the right places. Is not a matter of just repeating constantly in all paragraphs. Is has to be done in a natural way so it doesn’t look spammy, or you could be penalized and removed from search results.
  • Social media, is important your content is distributed in your social media channels, this will help telling search engines your content is popular.
  • Local ranking signals/citations. Such as Google Maps and other reputable directories. Search engines make sure your business information is consistent across the internet.
  • Mobile compatibility. 90% of your website visits occur from a mobile phone. If your website is not mobile responsive, search engines will not rank it. Our web design focus on creating a website 100% mobile responsive.
  • Website efficiency. Click-through rate, bounce rate. and duration of the visitor session. How many people click in your link in search result pages, how long they stay in the page they visit, and if they click back or visit another page of your website after. These three factors are considered to measure how your website works. If your customers are clicking your link, they stay for a long time and then visit other pages of your site, it means your website is great! Search engines will give it better rankings. We make sure the CTR, bounce rate and duration of the visit are the best for your website.
  • Loading time. Fast websites are ranked better. Search engines know that a website that loads quickly, will be preferred by the users. We optimize your website speed so it loads fast.
  • Linking. If your website has relevant and useful content, is it reasonable that other websites will link to it. We work closely to other websites so your content is always likable (and linkable).

Monthly SEO Plan

We offer an SEO service plan to place your website in first results.

For $699/month we will work on your website to make it SEO friendly.

The plan includes our work to optimize the ranking factors of your website, and the duration will always depend on how competitive is your industry, if there are other sites competing for the same keywords, the amount of them, and other factors.

We recommend a contract for 1 year for the best results.

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