Hello, I'm

Carloscar Tovar

(Or CT for short)

Are you looking for the best web design service in San Antonio?

I'm a web designer in San Antonio and since 2004 I provide web design, website maintenance, WordPress updates and support, search engine optimization, speed optimization, and web hosting. But I'm not only my clients' web designer.

I focus my efforts on becoming an ally for the continuous improvement of their overall digital marketing strategy.

Besides the outstanding value I provide my clients, I follow a simple philosophy that sets me above other web design agencies:

  • Flexibility and full transparency: To be able to work things out in favor of my clients and their projects I do things differently than a traditional agency, while always keeping them informed of every step of the project.
  • Cost-cutting mentality: I keep my life and business management simple, which translates into the reduction of my operation costs and savings for my clients.
  • Efficiency: I'm the project manager, visual designer, and programmer and I know that the simpler the communication process, the smoother the workflow is. I'm not a robot, just pretty good at my job.


I group my services into three categories: website creation, website maintenance, and web hosting service and support.

Website creation

I create fast-loading, search-engine optimized websites, using the latest web design trends and with brand consistency and user-experience as top priorities. I create websites that tell your story to your customers.

Maybe you're wondering, is there a WordPress web designer near me? Well, if you're in San Antonio, Texas, the answer is yes. WordPress websites are my specialty. I design WordPress websites and I can create themes and plugins from scratch or customize them according to your needs. My WordPress website design company is at your service as you need.

Website maintenance

You don't need an in-house web department if you hire me. I'll take care of your company's website content updates, plugins, themes, design, reports, analytics, and more, for only a fraction of the cost, whether if it's a WordPress or plain-code website.

I'll take care of what your team of 2, 3, 4, or even 5 developers are taking care of, keeping you informed of everything that I do, and provide you with statistics and reports every first day of the month. My process is efficient.

As a San Antonio WordPress designer, I give support to robust and dynamic websites for my clients, whether on a monthly retainer or per-job basis.

SEO is more an art than a science. In my years of experience, I've learned to read the search engines algorithms and to keep my knowledge up-to-date, and applied it to my websites, and my clients'.

Whether you choose a monthly retainer or per-job rate, I'll be available and put 100% of my effort to give you the results you expect.

Web hosting

I provide web hosting for companies that require always-available tech support and assistance, in a secure, stable, and fast environment.

With fast, ready-to-answer, direct support from myself, you won't be dealing with answering machines, waiting times, or support tickets. I'll be always ready to help, ready to troubleshoot, whether on the phone, chat, or in person.